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Top 5 Banned TV commercials in India
For Being Too Offensive

By Sunny

Banned TV commercials in India

Throughout the time we've seen print ads or watched TV commercials, there have been quite a few memorable ones that have captured the viewers' imagination. Some of them strike the right chord whereas some of them bear the brunt of being too sexist, too expletive or too open-minded considering the social stigmas of the Indian society. Here are a few advertisements that had to face a lot of flak for being a little too edgy for the Indian viewer.

5. Lux Cozy TV Commercial (2007):- A man wearing his Lux Cozy underwear is chasing a dog who pulled away his towel then suddenly a scantily dressed woman comes up to him and gives him a peck on his cheek, stares at his crotch and thanks him for finding her dog. The ad then ends with the tag line "apna luck pehen ke chalo".
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting banned transmission or re-transmission of the ad on the grounds of being indecent, vulgar and seductive.

LUX cozy banned tv commercial

Lux Cozy TV Commercial (2007)

4. Wild Stone Deo TV Commercial (2007):- The ‘sacredly’ dressed girl is all set during Durga Pooja celebrations for the prayers in Bengali attire when she is seduced by the guy’s fragrance and gives in to her innermost desires to end up making love to him.
The ad was not banned, but a highly censored version was aired on television. This is the version available on YouTube.

WildStone TV commercial

Wild Stone Deo TV Commercial (2007)

3. Idea TV Commercial (2011):- This ad saw junior Bachchan discussing the issue of overpopulation with a friend. The ad then goes on to show that due to the frequent power cuts in India, the husbands watching TV in their homes are interrupted and then they go ahead and make love to their wives, causing pregnancies and in turn overpopulation. Idea's 3G services would thus keep the husbands distracted long after the power is cut and impede this crisis.

Idea TV Commercial

Idea TV Commercial (2011)

2. Bisleri TV Commercial (Early 2000s):- The tagline of Bisleri transferred from 'Pure and Safe' to 'Play Safe' in 2002 as they had introduced a new cap for protection of the seal of the water bottles. It was hoping to target the youth and convey a social message for safe sex but the same was not well accepted in India and the ad was banned.
This TV ad showed a playful couple on the beach, when suddenly the girl start breathing heavily and shows signs of arousal. The man then frantically starts searching his pockets, the car, his bag, and finally goes to a chemist and comes back with what? not a pack of condom but with a bottle of Bisleri, as the woman was actually, thirsty for water. The hidden agenda was too awkward to be entertained and thus, the advertisement was banned soon enough.

Bisleri TV Commercial

Bisleri TV Commercial (Early 2000s)

1. VIP Frenchie X TV Commercial:- A girl enters a room, finds a man dressed in underwear and is tempted to explore her options as she closes the door behind. The options surely didn’t include playing ludo as we all know. The advertisement was too hot to be handled and ultimately never saw the light of the day after it was banned by the Ministry.

VIP Frenchie X TV Commercial

VIP Frenchie X TV Commercial

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